Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction to the general conditions of use of the site.

a. The sale of products offered on our website Bucobianco www.bucobianco.com is governed by these Terms and Condition which must be fallowed by all those who wish to navigate on it.

b. Bucobianco reserves the right to apply specific contractual provisions to one or more orders. In that case, the contractual conditions applicable to the individual order, always intended as independent contract, will be the Terms and Conditions and the forecast specifications.

c . Bucobianco Barbara Branciforti is a company under the Italian law with a registered office in via Bezzecca 2, 20135 Milano ( IT ) , VAT 01854280995

2. Trade Policy

a. Bucobianco can always modify or amend these Terms and Conditions. In any case, the customer will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions only valid at the time of the conclusion of each Order.

b. Each Order may involve one or more products, assuming the right of Bucobianco to establish a maximum number of order, depending on the category of the product.

c. The purchase requests from countries not enabled in the definition page of shipping addresses will not be accepted.

d. No shipping order will be executed if addressed to a PO Box or if it won’t be possible to identify the recipient of the Order and its address.

e. Any communication that in Terms and Conditions is indicated as made by e-mail , will be sent to the email address provided by the customer during registration.

3. How to Buy

a. Each product offered for sale, can be selected on a dedicated web space which will display the photographs , the unit price inclusive of IVA, the colors and the different sizes available (if applicable).

b. Some products may be displayed on the Site exclusively for the purpose of promo advertising while not intended for sale. These products are not for sale and can not be purchased.

c. The images and colors of products offered for sale may, in some cases, be different from the real ones due to the technical characteristics of resolution of software installed onto the computer used by the customer. The images and colors, then, must be considered as indicative and illustrative, but ask the customers to verify the adherence of the product to their expectations. Bucobianco will not be responsible for any inappropriate images or colors of products due to these technical reasons.

d. To execute each order relating to the products selected, the customer will be requested to follow the instructions and procedures ​​available on the Site.

e. The client is asked to verify the accuracy of the contents of each own Order before confirming it, completing the purchase form according to the instructions provided on the corresponding page of the site. Simultaneously, at the end of each order the customer will be required to confirm to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. In case of non-acceptance of the Terms and Conditions it will not be possible to conclude the Order.

f. Generally , the confirmed order could not be modified or canceled again.

g. At the end of the purchase process it is suggested to download, save or print the current Terms and Conditions at the date of conclusion. The customer will also receive an e – mail confirming the receipt of the Order made ​​, consisting in a summary of the information contained in the Order Form , and so the customer’s data and methods / shipping addresses, the main characteristics of each product and the details of the price and delivery costs .

h. Each confirmed order, will be sent automatically to Bucobianco and after its execution, it will be filed at the headquarters of the same , located in Via Bezzecca 2 , 20135 Milano ( IT ) .

4. Prices and terms of payment

a. The prices of the products offered for sale and listed on the site are expressed in euro and include IVA tax.

b. Bucobianco reserves the right to change the prices of products offered for sale at any time without notice. Customer will pay as the prices displayed on the site at the time of confirmation of each order.

c. The payment of the products can be made exclusively by Paypal and credit card of the main international circuits.

d. Payment transactions through Paypal and credit card will be governed by regulations adopted by individual circuits credit card.

e. The confirmation of the successful outcome of each order will take place only after verification of the data of the credit card of the customer and after receiving authorization to make all charges on that credit card.

f. The credit card details will be handled in strict confidence directly from the circuit manager. Bucobianco is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards by a third part during the payment of the products purchased on the site www.bucobianco.com. In this regard, Bucobianco reserves the right to cancel the transaction in the case of suspected fraudulent use of credit cards. To ensure greater security, you can be requested at any time about additional information or documents without which, Bucobianco reserves the right not to accept the transaction.

5. Product availability

a. The Customer acknowledges that stocks of products offered on the site are limited.

b. Occasionally, it could occur the non-availability of one or more products. In this case, Bucobianco inform the Customer, as soon as possible, and in any event i twill happen no later than 30 working days from the receipt of the Order, by phone or email.

c. In the event that the Order is not fully available, the Customer Service will send as soon as possible an e-mail to the customer to inform him that the Order can not be processed.

d. If the Order is not partially available (one or more products not available), the Customer Service will send as soon as possible an e-mail to the customer with details of items in stock. The partial order will still be processed, unless specifically requested the Customer to Customer Service (via e-mail or telephone).

e. In case of cancellation of the Order no charge will be made. If the charge had already occurred, the refund will be performed as soon as possible and in accordance with the policy of the single circuit operators.

f. The availability of products on the site is limited and the number of orders placed, as well as the quantities purchased in a limited time, is for strictly private use. Bucobianco reserves the right to accept / reject any kind of order.